The Fortune is in the Flavor

Embrace the Sweet Side of Life, One Cookie at a Time!


Scrumptious Pull-Apart Cookie Cake Tailored For Any Celebration!

This delectable treat measures 13 inches and contains a total of 36 cookies.

Customizable and guaranteed to satisfy every sweet tooth in the room. It's not just a dessert—it's an experience that will leave an everlasting impression.

This item is exclusively available for local delivery within a 20-mile radius of North Olmsted, Ohio, or for pick up only

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Meet Beverly!

The Cookie Creative...Flavor Artist if you will.

How do we describe Fortune's Cookies?  

Traditional cookies in non-traditional flavors. Fresh baked, from scratch, with love, they taste like a hug (Fortune’s favorite customer compliment). We try to be dietary needs-inclusive by offering several flavors in Gluten-free and Dairy-free/vegan options.

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