Welcome to Fortune's Cookies!

Meet Beverly... the Cookie Creative...Flavor Artist if you will.

How do we describe Fortune's Cookies?  

Traditional cookies in non-traditional flavors. Fresh baked, from scratch, with love, they taste like a hug (Fortune’s favorite customer compliment). We try to be dietary needs-inclusive by offering several flavors in Gluten-free and Dairy-free/vegan options.

What's the story of Fortune's cookies? 

Once upon a time, a girl named Beverly had dreams but no support or direction.  It took a long time for the girl to find herself and trust in the Universe. (Life begins at 50),  She had overcome many challenges and had settled into her life with a good job that she planned to retire from,  leaving the dreams of the girl all but forgotten.

One day in 2018, when Beverly was working as an optician, a co-worker asked if she's make cookies for her housewarming party.  She'd pay! (little did Beverly know, this was phase one in the Universe's plan).  Beverly liked the experience and thought making cookies would be a fun way to make money for vacation.  Starting with her Aunt's chocolate chip recipe, she made some tweaks, creative juices started flowing, and new flavors were born the next thing she knew!  Each flavor was perfected as Beverly would bring her "cookie'speriments" into work for critiques from the more than willing tasters. 

Still not considering making cookies more than a side hustle, Beverly created a concept and packaging, some of which would evolve as time passed.  The name Fortune's Cookies comes from Beverly's SCA (society for creative anachronism) persona, Fortune Strangewaes.  She chose the name because she has always been quirky and very generous.  And what a cute name for a cookie company, right!?  This also led to her catchphrase, “The Fortune is in the Flavor,” which is exactly how the cookies are made.  Simple, full of flavor, and generous with what's inside.  The logo was created by Beverly's son Sebastian, who was in school for graphic design.  The special O in Fortune was a surprise he added to a design he made her for a Mother’s Day gift.  It is a symbol that represents her and the things she loves.  The tree of life, nature and resilience,  Celestial balance, and the owl’s wisdom  (the celestial tree owl). 

With all these things in place, Beverly started selling cookies to co-workers and Marks.  One day, they got a call from a friend who offered to rent a portion of his building to them for a cookie shop and maybe a cafe!  While the build-out was in the works, Beverly and Mark continued selling to coworkers and added farmer’s markets and art shows.  This led to an opportunity that required a commercial baking space.  After COVID and years of setbacks with the build, they found a building of their own that was perfect and should be ready to open with little aggravation...or so they thought.  Mark had lost his job, and summer markets were ending.  With the building not opening any time soon, Beverly went to the mall to look at a small kiosk.  Would you believe an entire store space opened up for almost the same price!?  Oh, Universe, we love the way you work!  They opened Fortune's Cookies' first retail space inside Great Northern Mall in June of 2023.   Business was getting better and better which led to Beverly making the decision to retire from her job of 27 years in November 2023.   Stay tuned for the continuing story of Fortune's Cookies!

The Parma location is coming soon!